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Six Things tourists should definately never do in Johannesburg

6 Things Tourists Should Definately never Do in Johannesburg

6 things tourists should never do in Johannesburg

When visiting a new Country you should familiarise yourself with the does and don’ts of the areas you visiting. In a  city as rich and diverse as Johannesburg, this can be incredibly important. Apart from the general safety tips, there are a few things visitors should definately never do in Johannesburg. Follow these guidelines to ensure you have a great trip!


1.  Don’t miss out on Johannesburg’s surroundings

Dont miss out on Surroundings

Just outside of the city there are lions and an incredible variety of wildlife. No not really but there is actually a lot to explore in terms of mind stimulating destinations. The Lesedi Cultural Village, The Lion & Rhino Nature Reserve , Pilanesberg Game Park is great if you can’t get to the Kruger National Park but would love to get that bushveld feeling. Then there’s The Cradle of Humankind, a spot where many ground-breaking archaeological discoveries have been made.



2.  Don’t be shocked when you see how green and purple it is.

6 things tourists should never do in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is big and it is a man-made urban jungle. It is not surprising that many people get shocked when they see how green it is, the truth of the matter is that the city is colourful full of green and purple, as Jacaranda trees are scattered throughout.  When in Soweto you find rare green gardens. Visit the newly established Inspirational Home Museum in Rockville for an indescribable green garden and relaxed atmosphere.



3.  Don’t skip the inner city

The inner city has on undergoing major refurbishments and gentrification, and should definitely not be missed. The City has amazing scenic views, for those who enjoy art, spending a day in Maboneng will be enjoyable with delicious foods from varies eateries and retail stores for those who love shopping in the most unexpected places, plus it’s a great way to mingle and meet new people.


4.  Don’t stick to malls

There’s more nature in and around Johannesburg than you can image. Grab your trainers and get outside to explore the beautiful gardens, go horseback riding, and visit interesting museums such as Beer Museums, the Cradle of Humankind all with Imbizo Tours.


5.  Don’t walk alone at night

Urban Tours

Joburgers are friendly people, but the city is still rife with poverty. Don’t wander alone when you feel it’s unsafe to do so, especially at night. Rather stay in a group or rather take the Shabeen Crawl tour and you don’t need to be a drinker to enjoy this tour it is all about enjoying the company of the locals.

6.  Don’t try to see it all in one day

If you’d really like to experience all that this amazing city has to offer, stay for more than one day. Experience our Museum tours, where you can see amongst many others the following; the Apartheid Museum, Constitution Hill, tons of art galleries and inner city street art tours, Soweto, and so much more.


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