The backpackers is a beautiful and serene home where you may almost always meet locals who are either attending weddings, funerals or traditional ceremonies in and around Soweto, this will give you a prime opportunity to interact with locals from different walks of life face to face.


The backpackers is located at 2794 Nogaza street, Rockville Soweto  one of the most vibrant and historical suburbs of the area, where most people were the first to be removed from Johannesburg to Soweto.

Rockville Moroka is a cultural mixing pot where you will find people who still speak  Tsotsi taal a hybrid of Afrikaans, English and other indigenous languages, You will also see the now beautiful scars left by the segregation in the past that sought to divide Rockville in two sections, big houses and Government match box homes.

Rockville has a deep history and it has produced many prominent people Like Mandy Mankazana as the first black woman Tour operator from Soweto, is the pride of her community, the great Mr Ramalao Makhene an accomplished Actor and Theatre director and many more famous and intellectual people.

The area surrounding the Backpackers has Thokoza Park, a serene park covering 4.5 hectares, it is a popular outdoor recreational area in Rockville, Soweto. Within the park’s lush grounds, you’ll find Soweto’s first fountain and the Moroka Dam, named after apartheid struggle icon Dr James Moroka. The paved pathways gently guide visitors alongside streams that lead to the dam. There is also Tillies shebeen which is frequented by Rich and Famous and politicians. It offered a platform for Political meetings during the Apartheid days, but it has not lost its shine, To this day you will find that Tillies is as vibrant today as it was in the 70 and 80s, definitely a place to meet the who's who of Soweto.

Things to do

This is not all that you can do in and around Rockville, the options are endless you may visit Schools, visit the Community centre, the Rehabilitation centre, the  Shopping Malls.

You are be spoiled for choice and because we believe in flexibility we can arrange anything with you but remember all you must do is just ask, it is that simple.

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